How to Change Your Name in NJ MVC ID?

A driving license is a must-have to ensure you are driving on the roads. Remember, the validity of your license is essential. So in case your name is different or you changed it on other documents, you must also change your name on the driving license.

And this can happen due to divorce, marriage, or court order reasons. You must complete the process as soon as the change happens.

It is important because the driver’s license must specify your current legal name. But if you are wondering how to change your name in NJ MVC ID, then the details ahead will be helpful for you.

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Steps to Change Name in NJ MVC ID

You can start with the name change process at a New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission office. Ensure you bring your current New Jersey license and a certified copy of the document that showcases the legal proof of the name change.

Here the divorce decree must state both names and the state where you are licensed to use the previous name. Further, the certified copies must meet driver’s license name change standards. It must all be from the state or agencies that issued them.

Also, you can consider getting certified copies from the state Bureau of Vital Statistics and Registry. Here are the documents that are acceptable proof of the legal name change.

  • Marriage certificate
  • Adoption decree
  • Divorce decree
  • Certified civil union certificate
  • The court order that links the previous name with the new one

Those who got divorced recently and wished to change their name on a driving license must show a divorce decree with both names and a state permit to use the previous name. Again, the documents for ordering the driving records must all be in English. If not, the court system will provide a list of approved translators who can offer translation services at no charge.

Is the Name Change Important?

Once you receive the order, you must get a replacement driver’s license with your new name. You can connect with the Motor Vehicle Commission Office in New Jersey for this. There can be a lot of instances where you will need a name change on a driving license.

You can find it essential once in a lifetime. And this generally happens after you get married. Married couples need to change their name on their driving license record. At least one of the partners must take the surname of the other.

In another case, each partner must follow the process because they have combined the surname or chosen to share a different last name. Besides, many women will want to resume using their maiden last name in case of divorce.

Also, the divorced person can consider dissolution an excellent opportunity to reinvent life by choosing a different name.

Further, drivers can choose to convert to a new religion. 

Thus, the change much reflects on the driver’s license. Transitioning from one gender to another can also result in legal name alterations.

Lastly, it happens in the case of teenage adoption happens. And this means when the adoption of an individual of driving age happens, they must change the name on the permit.

Irrespective of the reason, you must know how to change your name in NJ MVC ID to proceed with the process.

New Jersey Driving Licence Name Change Fees

When you plan to change the name on your driving license in New Jersey, you must pay a fee to get an up-to-date replacement. Generally, duplicate credentials will come with a cost of $3. NJ MVC will accept all major debit and credit cards, checks, cash, and money orders.


Can I change my New Jersey driving license name online?

NJ MVC provides a lot of services online. But you cannot change your name on a driving license online. To get a name change, you have to visit the office in person, along with the required documents for verification.

What is the time limit for New Jersey driving license name change?

The state recommends changing the name of the driving license as soon as after a divorce, marriage, or legal name change. Although there is no specified time limit, you must complete it as quickly as possible to avoid legal issues.

Is it also essential to change the name to social security administration?

No law specifies you have to file a name change with the Social Security Administration before changing the name of the driving license documents. But it will be helpful to get a valid social security card.


When there is a need to change the name, many people search for how to change the name in NJ MVC ID. The guide provided information about the method and documents required for the process. You can follow it as a helping hand to complete the process.

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