Reinstate Suspended Driving License in New Jersey – How to Do?

A driving license is an essential document. After all, you will need it to drive on the roads of New Jersey. Life without a license will be difficult, especially when you need the license to get to school or work.

As driving without a valid license comes with a heavy fine and jail time, you must stay educated about the process. The guide will help you understand how to reinstate a suspended driving license in New Jersey.

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Why Reinstatement in New Jersey?

When you need to reinstate your driving license, it could be due to suspension or revocation. There are many reasons behind license suspension. But the most common one is accumulating license points on the driving license.

You can accumulate points for a lot of reasons. But unfortunately, every time this happens, you can expect an increase in your insurance rate. Once you have 12 points on the record, the authority will suspend your license.

There are ways to remove the points on the license, like driving a year without any violation or being a part of the driver improvement program.

When you don’t try to get rid of the points, you will stay with the points. It can come with a longer suspension. Besides the points, another major reason for the suspension is driving under the influence.

The license suspension will be between 3 years to a full year when charged with DUI, depending on the circumstances.

Reinstate Suspended Driving Licence in New Jersey

When you get a driving license suspension, then you will have to wait for the suspension period to get over. Also, you can face additional requirements you must fulfill based on the nature of the suspension, like the need to complete an intoxicated driving program.

Once done, you must pay a $100 restoration fee to reinstate a suspended driving license in New Jersey. You can pay online or in person at the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. You can send the money order by mail along with the suspension notice.

If you wish to use mail, you can send the package to N.J. Motor Vehicle Commission Government In-House Unit225 East State Street P.O. Box 016Trenton, New Jersey 08666-0016.

Remember, if your license expires during the suspension, you must go through the renewal process. And this means you need to pay a renewal fee of $24.

How to Get a Hardship Licence?

Getting to school or work will be difficult when you have a license suspension. Most states provide a solution to this through a hardship license. But there is no option for it in New Jersey.

The hardship licenses are usually available to those with DUI offenses, assuming they can show they need a car for medical care, school, or work. The license comes with limitations, and you can use it only at the time to get to a certain place.

However, as New Jersey does not provide a hardship license, you must wait for the suspension period to end before you can hit the road again.


How long will the suspension period last on my license?

The length of your driving license suspension will be between 14 to 30 days. However, it will depend on the circumstances. The extension period can even be for a year.

How to appeal for a driver’s license suspension in New Jersey?

You must submit an appeal request letter before the suspension effective date on the scheduled suspension notice. You must specify your defense or legal bases for avoiding the suspension.

How to know about license suspension?

You can get your driver’s license status from the New Jersey MVC. You must contact the Commission by phone at 609-292-6500 or 1-888-486-3339.


A suspended driving license can make things difficult as you won’t be able to drive to work or school. So once the suspension is over, you must use the correct way to reinstate a driving license in New Jersey. With this, you can regain your driving license and hit the road again with all the legal obligations.

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