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NJ surcharge is a fine liable to drivers who violate the laws set by the New Jersey surcharge violation system at www.njsurcharge.com.

It is calculated on the driver’s records for exceeding the maximum set of points. This traffic violation point is added according to the NJ traffic rules.

NJ surcharge details will be available on the online portal of the New Jersey Surcharge Violation System. NJ drivers will receive points incrementally when they commit driving violations. And this means the cops will not usually drag you to court.

You must be careful beyond set points as you have to pay an extra fine as part of the ticket charge. However, if you are unaware of the NJ Surcharge essentials, then the guide will help.

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How to Pay NJ Surcharge Online at NJSurcharge.com

In case you have violated the traffic rules, and there is a need for you to pay it, then here are the steps to make the payment.

  • Visit the official website of New Jersey Surcharge for online payment at Www.Njsurcharge.Com.
  • Now you need to provide your details like the surcharge number, driving license number, judgment number, the installation plan for settling the fine, etc.
nj surcharge
NJ Surcharge Payment – www.njsurcharge.com
  • To make it easy to find your details, you can enter the notification number and your date of birth.

The system will help create your query. To activate it, you need to look over it again to verify the correctness of the details. Once you find everything is correct, you can press the send button. Make sure to keep a payment receipt with you as proof.

Calculating NJ Surcharge

The calculation of NJ Surcharge happens according to a roster. The NJ MVC handles the calculation job. As per the categories, you will pay a lesser file for lesser traffic violations. But when it is higher than the fine is a lot more expensive.

Thus, driving for years without committing any errors will be best. Therefore, you need not have to worry about paying the fine. The amount of surcharge that you have to pay is clear on the billing notice.

It summarizes the surcharge from the account and also provides the total amount estimated due to a driver. The billing notice will also allow the drivers to pay the surcharge in installments. It will usually spread out over a period that will not exceed a half year. It will fall on a monthly cycle.

Download this PDF for More Details: NJ Surcharge Details Brochure

NJ Surcharge Payment Options

Each billing notice includes the list of payment options mentioned at the bottom. This can include.

  • Settle your surcharge using online platforms. For this, you can make use of your credit or debit card. Also, E-cheques are acceptable.
  • The payments made from mobile phones are acceptable as well.
  • The use of Western Union for sending the payment by mail.

What Happens If I Fail to Pay the Surcharge?

You need to that you pay off the surcharge when it is due. But if you fail, NJSVS will notify you to make the payment as soon as possible. But despite this, if you fail, the commission will respond by suspending the corresponding license. 


What is the duration of the NJ surcharge?

The NJ MVC keep the violation records for cumulative five years before they clear it off the surcharge. So, if you need it for employment or other issues, your record will show all the suspensions and violations you did in the last five years.

What happens if the user changes location?

If you change the location, the authorities allow you to make official communication within a week. Once confirmed, you must visit the official portal to change the address records. You will have to provide certain proof of authenticity.

What are common surcharge offenses?

The law-bidding drivers are accountable for driving under the influence, driving during license suspension, period failing to settle the fine, and non-compliance with rules set by the law.


As a driver, you must follow the rules and regulations and avoid breaking any traffic rules. But in the case of accumulated NJ Surcharge, paying the same as soon as possible will be beneficial. It will keep you protected from any legal complications.

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