3 Ways to Renew Your NJ Driver’s License

A driving license is a must-have if you wish to enjoy driving your favorite vehicle on the roads. Like any other state, New Jersey has laws for driving without a valid license.

So to avoid any law issues, you must have a renewed and updated license. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission shares the renewable form a few months before expiration.

It will be like a reminder for your upcoming renewal. But if you are unaware of how to renew your New Jersey driver’s license, the guide will help.

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Documentation Required

Irrespective of the mode you choose to renew your New Jersey driver’s license, you must provide documentation. And this will include the following.

  • Social security number proof
  • Address proof
  • One primary I.D.
  • One secondary I.D.

New Jersey state assigns points to different types of identification forms. You need to have 6 points for identity verification with the NJ MVC.

Renew New Jersey Driver’s License

In New Jersey, you can renew your driving license in many ways. Depending upon your eligibility, you can renew in the following methods.

Renew in Person

Before you visit the license office, complete the renewal form you got from NJ MVC. If you didn’t receive mail, you could get one at your local embassy. You can fill it on site.

When you visit the office, you must give your identity document and form for review. After this, you must sign the documents and get your picture clicked. Now you will get your new license and an expiration date of 4 years from the renewal day.

Renew by Mail

Both out-of-state and in-state residents can renew their driving licenses by mail. You will have to complete the renewal form you receive in your mail, include a money order of $24, and then drop the form into the mail. Once you do this, you will receive your driving license within ten business days.

But remember you cannot follow the process to renew your driving license by mail if.

  • You have a suspended driving license
  • You need a new photo at the MVC
  • You have graduated with a driver’s license
  • You have an ignition interlock due to DUI or DWI conviction
  • You own a temporary visa restriction

If you are not in the state or are military personnel, you must contact NJ MVC to explain the inability to complete the renewal in person. Once you get approval, you have to complete the form, add the money order, and make copies of 6 points of identification. Once done, you must mail the documents to New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, P.O. Box 165, Trenton, NJ 08666-0165.

Renew Online

You can now renew your New Jersey driver’s license online. You can complete it on the very same day. Even if your form states you must visit the agency, you can still be eligible for the online renewal. But you cannot renew your driving license if.

  • You have a suspended driving license.
  • You have had an expired license for over six months.
  • Your license comes with a temporary visa restriction.
  • You own a CDL license.
  • Your license expiry is beyond the approved extension period.

To complete the renewal process online, visit the NJ MVC online portal. Here you need to fill out the application and submit it along with the fees for the renewal process.


Is there a driving license grace period?

No, you will not get any grace period for your New Jersey driver’s license. You get seven months before the expiration of the license to complete the renewal.

Can I get a driver’s license expansion?

Yes, you can get a one-year license expansion if you get any medical treatment during the expiration date of your license. But you have to provide supporting documents for it.

What is the cost of renewing a driving license?

The New Jersey driver’s license renewal fee will be $24. It will depend on the mode you choose to renew your driving license.


When you need to renew your New Jersey driver’s license, it might not be as easy as you think, especially when doing it for the first time. But it is essential.

With the availability of the mail and the online option, the process is now relatively straightforward. The guide offered insights about the right way to complete the renewal process. So you can now keep yourself away from any legal complications.

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