NJ E-ZPass – Pay EZPass Bill Online at www.ezpassnj.com

Possessing EZpass NJ can be fruitful if you frequently travel through New Jersey’s bridges and roads. It will help save time and money. The pass allows the person to bypass toll booths.

However, many people are unaware of the importance of EZpass NJ. The guide will help you get started. It will provide insights about the right way to apply for an EZpass in New Jersey and other details.

What is NJ E-Z Pass?

NJ E-Zpass is a transponder tag attached to your vehicle for the payments of tolls when you drive the paid-for roadways of the state. It is also compatible with various other toll systems of the state.

You must first set it in your car to properly use the pass. The required amount is immediately deducted from the account once you pass the automated toll booth.

NJ E-Z Pass Pay Bill Online – www.ezpassnj.com

The best part about the EZpass NJ is that you can pay online. The procedure will be simple and can help pay missing offenses. And you must do it within a week of not paying your toll charge. The steps provide information about the details to help you pay the bill.

NJ E-ZPass
www.eznjpass.com official
  • You need to log in or register on the page.
  • Now provide your EZpass NJ login password and enter the security message.
NJ E-ZPass login
NJ E-ZPass Login
  • Click on the login button once you enter all the information.
  • Once the registration is done, you must proceed to the following payment stage.
  • On the left screen, you will find a one-time payment option.
  • You can select the dollar amount and click on the make payment option.

Buying E-Z Pass in New Jersey Online

There are multiple methods for obtaining an EZpass in New Jersey. The sign-up process is easy. Here are the steps you can follow to apply for the pass.

  • Completing the sign-up for a New Jersey toll pass online is easy. You can find the information on the official page of the EZpass.
NJ E-ZPass sign up
NJ E-ZPass Sign up
  • You can decide between a company account and an individual when going online.
  • Now, provide essential information, choose the suitable payment mode, and agree to the conditions.
  • You will get your transponder in the mail.

Buying E-Z Pass in New Jersey at Walmart

It is possible to make purchases of the transponders at Walmart. There are about 63 Walmart locations that sell the EZpass for about $41 onwards at their customer service counters. The price of GoPak comes with a $35 toll balance.

The purchases can also be set up automatically. You can do it with a replacement account, which will withdraw $35 from another account when the registered one falls short below a balance of $10.

Remember, Walmart will charge you are $3 one-time processing convenience fee. At the same time, the annual price of the past will be $3.


How to pay the missing EZ pass toll?

When you have EZ pass NJ account, you can pay the toll online at the official website. While in case you don’t have the account, you can pay by mail to the NJ at the pass at PO Box 4971, Trenton, NJ 08650, or by dialing 973-368-1425.

What happens if you don’t pay the EZ pass toll bill?

If you fail to make the payment, the state can file a lawsuit and secure the judgment on the debtor. Besides, the state also has the right to suspend or restrict the license or car registration of the debtor.

What are the common violations of the EZ pass?

Some commonly known violations can include toll evasion, lesser fund, transponder error, speeding, mismatch of class, and various others. Make sure you follow the rules to keep yourself away from any legal complications.


The EZ pass NJ is quite a helpful tool that will restrict the time required to pay the toll. An updated system will deduct the money as you pass through the toll booth.

Thus, the waiting time for the payment is gone. Just remember to have an adequate balance in your account. If not, make the payments on time to avoid legal issues.

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