TxDMV – Pay Texas DMV Traffic Ticket at www.txdmv.gov

TxDMV has stated that paying for Traffic Tickets at www.txdmv.gov is crucial for every Texas driver. Otherwise, your driving license can get suspended. And paying for Texas TxDMV traffic tickets is not rocket science.

This article contains all the information about TxDMV – Texas Traffic Ticket Payment. For NJ Traffic Payment, Visit NJMCDirect Portal.

Types of Texas Traffic Violations

  • Minor – These are minor violations of rules. It includes non-moving violations like parking and moving violations like driving without a seatbelt, traffic signal violations, speeding, and others. Fines with these violations usually range between $20 and $300. However, the charges may increase according to the conditions.
  • Major – These are the major violations of rules which can be considered criminal acts. They may include fines and punishments. It has moving offenses like hit and run, causing injuries or death, driving while intoxicated, etc. The penalties for these offenses can be thousands of dollars, with or without punishments.

TxDMV – Pay Ticket at www.txdmv.gov

You can pay for TxDMV Traffic Ticket in any way that you prefer. It allows you to pay with the following methods.

  • Online
  • By Phone
  • In Person
  • By Mail

TxDMV – Texas Traffic Ticket Online Payment

  • Firstly visit the government website of your city at Www.txdmv.gov
  • Now, go to the ‘Pay Ticket Online’ option.
  • It will ask you to provide your License number, Ticket number, Name, DOB, Address, and Payment information.
  • Afterward, you can select a payment method, Visa, MasterCard, or other Credit Cards. And pay for your ticket.

TxDMV Traffic Ticket Payment By Phone

Texas government allows you to pay for a TX Traffic ticket over the Phone. You can use all types of Debit Cards or Credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover Cards, etc. And call on the following numbers according to your city.

  • Austin – 512-974-4800
  • E.L. Paso – 915-212-0232
  • Fort Worth – 682-999-3681
  • Houston – 713-837-0311
  • Odessa – 432-335-3300
  • Temple – 254-298-5687

Responding to TxDMV Traffic Ticket

You must respond to Texas Traffic Ticket within 30 days from the issue date. And to respond, you can choose either of the three options mentioned below.

1) Pleading Guilty To Your Ticket And Paying Fine

  • Admission of Guilt
  • Possibilities for Driver’s Licence suspension.
  • Plea bargain for lesser penalties
  • Your car insurance rates may increase.

2) Pleading Not Guilty and Contest the TX ticket

  • Request the court for a contested hearing.
  • Check the ticket’s check box and mail it to the court.

3) Pleading No Contest and Pay Fine

  • Getting the evidence and checking them
  • Accepting the legal actions
  • Not pleading guilty
  • The defendant should be protected from future civil claims based on the conviction from the initial trial.

Texas DMV Traffic Ticket In-Person Payment

You will have to visit Texas’ Municipal court. And you must have your license number, certified DOB, and Ticket Number to pay there. You can pay for your traffic ticket through any payment mode, cash, cheque, cashier cheque, money order, or credit card.

Texas Traffic Ticket by Mail

You can also make your Texas ticket payment through the mail. You choose the payment method, either money order or cheque. And do not forget to mention the ticket number on the cheque. And then send it to the following address, according to your city.

  • Austin – Austin Municipal Court, P.O. Box 2135 Austin, TX 78768-2135
  • E.L. Paso – Municipal Court 810 E Overland El Paso, TX 79901
  • Fort Worth – Fort Worth Municipal Court 1000 Throckmorton St. Fort Worth, TX 76102-6382
  • Houston – Municipal Courts, P.O. Box 4996, Houston, TX 77210-4996
  • Odessa – Municipal Court 201 North Grant Street Odessa, Texas 79760
  • Temple – Municipal Court 401 N 3rd Street Temple, TX. 76501
  • Dalla – Dallas Municipal Court 2014 Main Street Dallas, TX 75201
  • Post – 105 East Main Street Post, TX 79356


What are the payment options for Texas DMV?

The available payment options are Cheque, Cash, Money order, Credit or Debit Cards, etc. However, it depends on the option you choose for payment (Online, In Person, By Phone, or By mail.)

How do I pay for a traffic ticket online in Texas?

Visit your city’s government website and go to Pay Ticket Online option. Enter the required details and payment mode and pay.

How do I pay off a traffic ticket in Texas?

You can pay for DMV traffic tickets online, by Phone, by mail, or In person.


So, that is how you can make TxDMV – Texas Traffic Ticket Payment with different methods. If you were paying it online and didn’t find your ticket number, wait a few days and then try again. Sometimes it takes some days to update details online.

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